Zip 2 Water Gonzaga


Zip 2 Water Mobile Filtration Systems provide a continuous supply of healthy and delicious drinking water for outdoor events without plastic waste.






Zip 2 Water Newport



Our patented systems connect directly to your local tap water supply, filter out any chlorine taste, and keep their cool under a hot sun.






Zip 2 Water SYC


Zip 2 Water systems are a cost-effective investment for campus and community organizations. This Sustainability Best Practice also supports zero-waste, health, and cost-saving goals.






Zip 2 Water Drink Up PHA



Zip 2 Water is proud to have been selected as an Official Supporter of Drink Up, an initiative of The Partnership for a Healthier America.


Zip 2 Water





Introducing the next generation of Mobile Filtration Systems:

  • New, compact design is easy to carry and store
  • Self-serve, ADA-compliant taps
  • Up to 1,200 refills per hour
  • Quick-twist filter changes, no tools required
  • U.S. Patent newly approved
  • Made in America
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